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The Jack pack! While stocks last. Incredible value...

Get ready, jack season is here. Mangrove jacks are the ultimate estuary bucket list fish and we are here to help you catch them.

 This Jack snack pack contains heaps of essential mangrove jack lures that will suit novices and seasoned anglers:


 •Smithy Digga lure

 •A pack of Fish Arrow Flash J shad 4 inch plus SW soft plastics (one of John Costello’s aka the jack guide fav lures)

•A pack of Ecogear Balt 4 inch sp’s

 •MMD 95mm splash prawn

 •Premium secret deep diving trolling lure

 •Smithy’s river to reef hardcopy book

 •Free registered shipping anywhere in Australia

 •Mangrove jack secrets and tips ebook, plus other fishing tips and secrets from our 40 years plus combines charter experience

 •Smithy’s facebuff

  •Ecogear Balt 3.5 inch soft plastic paddletail pack

 •Afterpay available! Get it now and pay later, 4 instalments interest free over 2 months


Smithy’s Digga-

an old school classic that has caught a lot of big fish including jacks, cod, barramundi, trevally. This floating lure can be cast or trolled and dives to 3 metres.

 If you are fishing for bigger jacks and fish it is recommended you upgrade to stronger treble hooks. The same goes for any lure that comes with thinner gauge hooks out of the packet, upgrade to avoid heartbreak!

 Fish Arrow Flash J shad 4 inch plus SW soft plastics-

This proven performer is a big seller in Australian waters, not hard to see why! Jacks find them hard to resist.

A favourite of Jewfish and Mangrove Jack fisherman, this Flash J Shad 4 inch PLUS Saltwater model (SW series) utilises an aluminum foil insert to replicate the flashes of a minnow and excite predatory species.

This 4 inch model features an oversized tail as compared to the standard J Shad 4 inch SW model.

This insert also duplicates the bowing of a bait fishes backbone to give off a more lifelike darting action.

 It can be rigged either weedless or with a jighead.

 1 x MMD 95mm splash prawn-

 The hot new surface lure for mangrove jacks. You will see this gun lure appearing in a lot of photos with jacks this summer!

 Designed in Australia the Splash Prawn is made to imitate a prawn skipping across the top of the water. Its unique tail design creates a large splash on a slim body profile. Fished slow or fast this versatile lure will catch a wide range of species.

Strada dredge 90mm hardbody-

Big jacks love big deep diving lures that imitate bait fish. We have handpicked this exact lure to troll for monster jacks, dives to 5 metres deep.

Damiki Abyss 90-

We’re stoked to include this cracker. Its ticks the boxes for a jack casting lure- good colour, suspends, rattles, baitfish size, good Owner hooks, swims well, dives to three metres to get in their face. Cast and rip/ pause close to mangroves and structure.


Length - 90mm

Weight - 13.5 grams

Action - Suspending

Depth - 3 metres 

Brad Smith’s River to Reef Gold Coast hard copy book-

the bible of Gold Coast fishing, contains tons of info, mangrove jack articles, maps and much more


Smithy’s facebuff- protect your face from the harsh sun while casting for jacks


Free registered shipping anywhere in Australia!



•Jack fishing tips and secrets ebooks (SMS “tips” to 0432 990 302 after purchase to receive your copy)