Gold Coast broadwater lure pack

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This pack contains lures that catch a lot of fish on our charters in the Gold Coast broadwater.

Pack includes:

•1 x Ecogear ZX40 in 411 colour. These lures catch everything. Best used with a short lift and drop technique while drifting, or casting and hopped. Full instructions come with this pack, see below for details

•1 x MMD splash prawn in honey bee colour. A brilliant surface lure best used early morning or late afternoon over shallows. Continuous wind and flick for whiting, flick and pause for bream.

•1 x mystery premium soft vibe, these things catch everything including big flathead. Work them like Ecogear ZX40 but a bit slower

•1 x Pro Lure V35 blade. A deadly little lure

•1 x pack of Pro Lure paddle grubs in uv motor oil colour, always a useful lure anywhere you fish. Rig on a 1/6 oz light 2/0 jighead and double flick, pause, repeat

•1 x premium metal slug, always have it ready on a rod for pelagics busting up

•1 x Smithy’s UV prawn Sax scent 30ml tube- smear a drop on before using the above lures for added effect

•1 x Smithy’s face buff

•10 x fishing tips and secrets pdf’s (SMS 0432 990 302 after purchase to receive yours)