Ecogear Dartmax squid jigs 3.0 size

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Now available in Australia!

Imported Premium quality Japanese squid jigs.

DARTMAX is a completely new generation of squid lures, incorporating a dart action. By moving the line-eye up from the standard front position to above the lures head, has created its unique dart action possible with only light rod action needed.

Moving the eye-line has also stabilised its fall, and reduced the chance of snagging on the bottom. The lures head has also been shaped down to reduce drag in the water and the body shape gives it a sharp highly controllable dart action.

It keeps the perfect posture in the water during falling when bites are most likely to come, due to the buoyancy in the rear of the lure. A new body colour range and hologram head, greatly increases the lures appeal, with EGILEE's special snag-less coloured sinker to prevent lost chances caused by snags.

With hooking in mind, EGILEE has kept its popular custom carbon hook material. EGILEE's new advanced model range opens up a whole new fishing area.

Fast sinking squid jigs that are devastating in the Gold Coast broadwater or any areas that are deeper and flowing!