Mega pack! Vibes that slay🎣🎣🎣

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Estuary vibes that slay!



2 x Ecogear ZX40- colour 411, 414

2 x Ecogear ZX43- colours 402, 404

1 x secret blade vibe

2 x secret premium soft vibes in two colours that are simply deadly


1 x Sax scent goldprawn 30ml tube

1 x Smithy’s UV prawn Sax scent 30 ml tube

1 x double pack of Ecogear replacement hooks

2 x packs of Pro Lure soft plastics

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Fishing tips ebooks:

*The complete guide to using Ecogear blades 


*The ultimate estuary fishing guide

and more tips pdfs! (14 000 words in total!)

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