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This pack includes the lures we use most daily right now on our Tweed river and Gold Coast estuary charters (pack will be updated and changed seasonally with colours that catch lots of fish)

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They slay a huge range of species including big flathead, mangrove jacks, mulloway, big whiting, giant trevally and heaps of others.


1 x Pontoon 21 crackjack 48 SP DR in Smithy’s all time no.1 colour

A deadly trolling or casting lure for depths to 2.2 metres. We love them!

1 x Slam in our favourite colour

These awesome little lures dive to 4 metres when trolled and Smithy catches heaps of big flathead on them as well as mulloway, trevally, whiting, bream and more. Our secret weapon!

1 x Ecogear ZX vibe colour 440

For strike rate and sheer variety and quality of fish these lures are hard to beat. We have caught over 30 different species on them including whiting, big flathead, mulloway, giant trevally, tuskfish, snapper, bream, and squid. They are that good they should just about be illegal.

1 x Pro Lure V42 blade- this new release is already proving to be a fish magnet. Quality components and great vibration!

1 x secret premium soft vibe in a go to colour

Smithy’s secret weapon and favourite ever vibe that he uses on charters to catch awesome fish including mulloway, big flathead, trevally and many more!

1 x Ecogear squid jig- these premium Japanese jigs will catch big numbers of squid in the Gold Coast broadwater. Fast sinking which suits chasing arrow squid down deep.

1 x pack of Pro Lure soft plastics- rig these on 1/6 oz jigheads and they catch everything! Hop, pause, repeat.

1 x Smithy’s UV Prawn Sax Scent 30 ml tube- smear over any lures for added fish attraction 

*BONUS OFFER: 1x Smithy’s L’il mate lure

plus extra free lure!

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