Braid & leader pro pack

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Only top quality gear- this is our favourite jigging and trolling braid and leader, used every day on our charters. Premium Japanese quality.

Perfect for the lures we use and sell.


Yamatoyo Jigging 8 Super PE braid (200m spool, multi- coloured, PE 0.8, 15 lb breaking strain)

Yamatoyo Harris Fighter (10 lb fluorocarbon leader 50m spool)

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•Use cheap 10 lb monofilament line as backing on reels, then fill two reels with 100m each of braid, 

•Stretch the leader between your arms to measure when tying a leader. A metre or so is enough.

•This braid can be used for both jigging and trolling lures.

•Use 6 lb leader for trolling, 10 lb for jigging blades/ vibes

•Use improve albright knot to tie braid to leader