Ecogear Marukyu Isome worms

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Easy to use, I just thread half a worm onto a number 6 baitholder hook. Unweighted if land based, light running sinker on trace if drifting by boat or kayak. Just a slow retrieve is enough to tempt summer whiting, winter whiting, flathead, bream and more.

Best of all they don’t stink or dry out easily like similar products. In fact they smell like berries!

Clint 🎣


Marukyu Isome Sandworms

The revolutionary Isome (sand worm) that has been designed around the many whiting species that live throughout the world, is the first of many products that will be gracing our shores in the coming years from the world’s largest powered / synthetic bait company.

Marukyu’s total dedication to uphold its own treasured pledge towards the environment, has led to the creation of Biodegradable Bait Substitutes (BBS) that replace the need for anglers to use the worlds depleting stocks of conventional live or frozen bait products when targeting fish.

The Isome worm is super-boosted with a researched Amino Acid combination that draws whiting and many other estuary and freshwater species to not only investigate the offering, but eat the naturally tasting and feeling presentation.

Size L: Width Approx. 4mm

Size XL: Width Approx. 9mm