Flathead lures: The ultimate pack

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The ultimate flathead classic lure pack!

We’ve designed this pack to specifically target flathead. Gun lures in tried and tested, go to colours that consistently catch big lizards, and lots of them.

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Recommended tackle:

Use Atomic Arrowz 6-12 lb 1 piece 7 foot rod, 2500 size Shimano Sedona reel, Tasline PE 0.6 braid, a metre of Yamatoyo 10 lb fluorocarbon leader joined with improved albright knot.

Pack includes:

Killer lures:

2 x Slam lures (1 x Demon Suji UV, 1 x Natural prawn UV) 


•Killer trolling lure, set 20-30 metres back, troll 1.5-2.5 knot speed with the tide, dives to over 4 metres deep

 1 x Ecogear ZX40 blade 440 colour

•Catches everything including flathead, excellent prawn imitation, teabag with non stop 10-20cm lift and drops while drifting with the tide at 0.6- 1.2 knot speed

 1 x Pro Lure V42 blade

•Same as zx but baitfish imitation

 1 x secret vibe, all time favourite flathead lure

•short sharp lift and drops either teabagged in any depth or cast and retrieve with very short single lift and drops 

Soft plastic packs:

1 x Ecogear Balt paddletail, 3.5 inch colour 010, 6 per pack

•cast around 1-3 metres deep over flats with single or double hops then pause, look for sandy areas with weedbed and drop off edges

1 x pack Pro Lure fishtail 80mm soft plastics- Natural shad colour

•same as above


1 x Smithy’s UV prawn Sax scent 30 ml tube

•smear small amount on all the above lures 


Ebook: 212 pages of fishing secrets

Plus Free shipping anywhere in Australia